Friday, 23 August 2013

New fake tan mousse pt 2

If you've read the blog post before this one then you'll find out about how good the tan was after it was rinsed off here :)

I applied the tan at 10:20 this morning then hopped in the shower at 12:30. I didn't use body wash, literally just rinsed the tan off then patted myself dry.
There is a slight fake tan smell still but the colour looks natural and isn't patchy or streaky!
The bottle says it carries on developing even after you've washed it off and it lasts between 5-7 days.
Compared to my usual tans, this one is pretty light so if you prefer a darker tan I'd recommend leaving it on for 3-4 hours but overall it's worth buying and I'd give it a firm 8/10!

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