Monday, 19 August 2013

Baby bump cake :)

I have decided to blog about the cutest cake I've ever made. It was made in April but I'm still chuffed about how it turned out, even though it took about 12 hours!

Me and my boyfriend, Danny (and with a little help from his mom with the icing), we made this cake for his sister in law who was leaving work to have her baby, cute or what?!

Although challenging, it was so much fun experimenting with different spherical items to try and get the rounded tummy right. Was stressful in some parts too!

In the end we visited and they had literally everything we needed for the cake and also the perfect mould for a pregnant stomach. 

We only used a simple sponge mixture but anything more complicated would've sent me into meltdown mode. It was tense taking the cake out the tin without it falling apart but the outcome couldn't have been any better :)

We covered the belly (and boobs, which were made from putting sponge mix into a couple of ramekins) with buttercream then carefully rolled out fondant icing and draped it over the cake. I also added a few extra touches with a protruding belly button and baby foot :)

After cutting away the excess fondant and decorating the cake, we finished with a blue ribbon and the cake was finished at last! 

We had a lot of comments about how professional the cakes looked and being amateur cake bakers/decoraters, we were pretty proud with the result

Hope you all like it :) x

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