Sunday, 18 August 2013

New nail varnish!

Hi! I haven't posted on here for months, I've become so lazy :(
I managed to summon up some willpower when I was bought a new nail varnish. I love it that much I feel I have to tell everyone about it :)

My mom came back from shopping in the week with a new orange nail varnish for me, seeing as she used up the last of my old one.
It was from accesorize, a shop I hardly ever go into. Even if I had gone in I would never have picked up the nail varnish because the packaging isn't the most exciting or eye catching (booooring).

Anyway, the colour is nice and bright, you only need 1 coat and it drys super quick :) which is good for me because I'm extremely impatient. Plus I painted my nails 4 days ago and only the tiniest chips have started to appear.
I'm not sure on the price but my mom said there were loads of colours and there's 50% off so a bottle is hardly going to break the bank!
I'd definitely recommend, such a good quality varnish xxx

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